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Neumorphism study

What in the hell is neumorphism? Early on in my journey into web development, I found myself asking the same question as I saw it pop up on the Twitter and Instagram feeds I was glued to. The mockups and images I was seeing were familiar, sort of, but the word was new (and made up). Turns out, neumophism, much like glassmorhpism and other -isms, are just fancy words for trends where UI designers bring a bit of a 3d element into their designs. Neumophism is a bit unique in that the idea is to create the feeling of components or elements pushing through the page like in the example below.

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What comes after your first website

I created a fancy new react website as a learning experience, so now what do I do? I don't know if this is a common feeling for anyone else learning new things, but it seems that every time I take a new educational or occupational journey, I always seem to hit this point sooner or later.

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Now What?/02

Getting started in web development

Just over a year ago, I set out expand my knowledge of coding for web apps. With 1.7 billion websites estimated online, engaging nearly 4.5 billion users per day, I knew it was something I had to dive into. My curiosity quickly turned into an obsession and you are currently looking at the result of countless hours of learning. Curious what that journey was like?

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self education

Education comes in all shapes and sizes. My own educational journey has gone through major transformations over the years. So why is formal education largely the same as it was decades ago? Does it still work or is it even still worth it? I've got more than a few thoughts on modern education and the emergence of self-teaching as a potential way forward, so join me as I contemplate my own educational evolution.

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